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Stovax Riva Open 16 Arts fire with black Holyrood front. Shown here with Pembroke surround (3567WW) which is also available from Stovax.

Stovax Riva Open 16 Arts fire with cast iron basket.

Riva Arts Wood Burning & Multi-fuel Open Convector Fires

At its peak in the 1920s and 1930s, the Arts movement blended aesthetic appeal with technology to bring a clean new look to virtually any object in daily use. Today, this evocative style is still influencing contemporary design.

The Riva™ 16 Arts Open Convector fire echoes the look of that era with a beautifully curved frame that is finished in a subtle Matt Black to complement perfectly your choice of Holyrood or Portcullis front for a superb log burning fire. Alternatively, select the cast iron basket for burning smokeless fuels.

The Riva™ 16 Arts Open Convector fire is finished in Matt Black.

Key Facts

Size474mm x 592mm
Heat output4.0kW
Convection system for greater efficiency
Air draught control
Burns logs or smokeless fuels
Front / Grate options
Low Lintel options

Riva Open Convector Fires

Everyone loves the warmth and atmosphere of an open fire with dancing flames, crackling logs or glowing coals. Unfortunately, open fires are not always very efficient at heating your room. An exception to this, the latest Riva™ Open Convectors from Stovax provide you with the best of both worlds – a real open fire yet with a heating efficiency double that of a normal grate or hearth mounted appliance. This is because the Riva™ Open fires have been designed to produce warm convected air as well as radiant heat.

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Riva Arts Open Convector Fires Information

Fires size16"
Max. heat output4.0kW
Maximum Log Length (Cast iron basket)215mm (8 1/2")
Maximum Log Length (Log tray)320mm (12 5/8")
Opening Size (W x H)474 x 592mm

Reviews and Customer Showcase
“Best spot in the house”
“The Power of Flames”
“Our fire creates an ambiance in our family home”
“Getting warm by the fire with friends”
“Happy Days for Bart”
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“A winter delight”
“Cosy kitten”
“Impressive heat & great atmosphere!”
“Instant heat and more space”
“We look forward to the winters ahead with a nice warm fire!”
“The cat’s whiskers!!”
“Out with the rustic dust trap”
“A picture of Noel the cat enjoying some time off…”
“Creature comforts”
“We have been able to time the fire for coming home!”
“What a difference a stove makes”
“Warm and cosy”
“I was so pleased with the stove that I recommended it to my friends, and they bought one too!”
Bert & May Spaces Furnish Their Boutique Barge with a Stovax Contemporary Stove
“Fast and comfortable heat”
“Simply the best”
“Should have done sooner!”
“Best wood burner we have ever had. And we have had a few!”
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“Stovax Studio one”
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“Great Fire”
“It is lovely to come home on a cold winter evening and fire it up!”
“Best thing we ever bought”