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Gazco Riva F67 Pedestal gas stove

Gazco Riva F67 Pedestal gas stove

Riva F67 Pedestal Gas Stove

The Gazco F67 Riva™ gas stove can be mounted on a pedestal for an alternative styling option.

This pedestal attachment provides extra height for the gas stove, so you can make the most of the view of the fire through the generously wide window. It even has a tapered design to the rear allowing you to install it into the corner of a room.

There is also a choice of the Riva™ F67 gas stove to be mounted on a bench.

Key Facts

Nominal Heat Output2.34 - 4.90kW
Gas TypesNatural Gas, LPG
Fuel EffectLogs
EfficiencyConventional Flue: 72%
Balanced Flue: 75%
Finish ChoiceBlack with Polished Stainless Steel inserts
Manual Control
Remote Control optionsStandard upgradeable
Programmable upgradeable

Riva F67 Pedestal Gas Stove Information

StoveABCDEWeightFlue Diameter
Riva F67 Pedestal (Conventional Flue)834mm420mm124mm540mm880mm98kgTop 127mm (5")
Riva F67 Pedestal (Balanced flue)834mm420mm149mm543mm880mm98kgTop 152 mm (6")

Riva F67 Pedestal Gas Stove Dimensions