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Stovax Belgravia Polished Cast Iron fireplace front. Also shown: Polished Insert with Brompton Mantel & 16" Holyrood VFC Fire from Gazco.

Stovax Belgravia Matt Black Cast fireplace front

Stovax Belgravia Matt Black fireplace front and Polished Insert panel with Amhurst Basket in Matt Black.

Stovax Belgravia Polished Cast fireplace front. Also shown: Brompton Mantel from Stovax.

Stovax Belgravia Polished Cast Iron fireplace front

Stovax Belgravia Matt Black Cast Iron fireplace front

Belgravia Fireplace Fronts

The Belgravia Cast London Front is available in Matt Black or Polished cast iron.

An optional insert panel with either a 16″ W x 22″ H (405 x 560mm) or 22″ W x 22″ H (560 x 560mm) cut-out allows you to use the Belgravia Cast London front with a modern chairbrick fireplace or a choice of Gazco Logic™ and E-Box™ gas fires.

Key Facts

Cast Iron construction
Available FinishesMatt Black, Polished

London Cast Fronts

As the Georgian era developed, increasing numbers of the more wealthy landowners started to build or lease ‘town houses’ in London. The fireplace in these homes still retained its place as the focus of the room but was, of necessity, generally smaller than the grand, open chimneys incorporated into the ‘ancestral seat’. Initially, the brick opening of the town house fireplace would contain an elaborate fire basket. Progressively, however, the addition of a cast front which could decrease, hide or improve the look of the opening became a typical feature.

Taking inspiration from period originals, Stovax has produced four masterpieces of casting to exemplify the London style.

Full range of London Cast Fronts...

Belgravia Information

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Belgravia Dimensions
Reviews and Customer Showcase
“Superb Feature”
“Gazco F670 Steel Graphite gas fire”
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“Fast and comfortable heat”
Justin Hooper, Stovax Studio 3 and Vogue, Scotland
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“Brings warmth and cheer whenever lit”
“Winter Warmer”
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