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Gazco Logic™ HE Designio2 Steel with coal fuel bed shown with complete front in Iridium with Slide control

Gazco Logic™ HE Designio2 Steel with coal-effect fuel bed shown with complete front in Graphite with Slide control

Designio2 Steel Inset Gas Fires

Similar in form to the Gazco Designio2 Glass inset gas fire, the Designio2 Steel has a clean and contemporary design which perfectly complements the range of 16″ Logic™ HE gas fires.

The Gazco Designio2 Steel inset gas fire is available in a choice of either stylish bold Graphite or eye-catching Iridium finishes and suitable for both hearth mounting and inbuilt installations further up the wall.

You can select from our wide selection of sizes, colours, control systems and fuel effects for your inset gas fire.

*Slide Control is not available for the Logic Hotbox or Logic Convector fires with a Pebble Fuel effect.

Reviews and Customer Showcase
Louise Parkin, Stockton 6, semi-detached brick Victorian property,
“Attractive and Welcoming”
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Today’s installation Stovax Riva Plus with canopy by Comfort Heating @StovaxGazco
“Great value for super heat”
“Way to go Yeoman!”
“Cosy and warm”
“Central focus in our home”
“Fantastic fire”
“Great looking stove”
“Cosy kitten”
“Love it!”
“Elegantly Cosy”
“Adds character and charm”
“Great addition to our house”
“Stovax Riva Duplex double sided inset stove”
“Our fire creates an ambiance in our family home”
“Really pleased!”
“The centrepiece of our new home”
“Wonderful fire”
“Lovely & Warming”
“Perfect solution to suit our existing fireplace and sitting room”
“Waiting for Santa”
“Fantastic Room Feature”
“Hearth warming pics”
“Best thing we ever bought”
“Gazco F670 Steel Graphite gas fire”
“Warm, Simple & Efficient”