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Stovax Combination Tiled Insert fireplace with Plant and Urn 5-tile sets, Matt Black

Stovax Combination Tiled Insert fireplace shown Rose and Bud surround tiles, Highlight Polished

Stovax Combination Tiled Insert fireplace shown with Boy and Girl cast panels, Matt Black

Combination Tiled Insert Fireplaces

Based on an original design dating from 1895, the popular fireplace combines both insert and mantel in a single unit. It is, therefore, very easy to install and saves the additional expense of a separate mantel, whilst compact dimensions make it particularly suitable for smaller chimney breasts.

The Combination tiled insert is available in traditional matt black and highlight polished versions and can be fitted with an optional gas fire.

Visit our Classic Fireplaces page for more information.

Key Facts

Burns wood and multi-fuels
Gas version
FinishesMatt Black
Highlight Polished

Insert Fireplaces

Homes with a chimney opening measuring approximately 36" w x 36"h (915 x 915mm) or larger will be able to slot in a Stovax insert fireplace. These traditional fireplaces have built-in firebacks and an option to completely cast (with or without hobs) or cast with slots for decorative tiles.

For further styling, select from Stovax's range of wood and stone mantels.

Visit our Classic Fireplaces page for more information.

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Combination Tiled Inserts Information


Combination Tiled Inserts Dimensions
Reviews and Customer Showcase
“Our fire creates an ambiance in our family home”
“Our stove at Christmas”
“Out with the rustic dust trap”
“Perfect for those wintery nights”
“Christmas wouldn’t be the same without it!”
“Fast and comfortable heat”
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“Best Buy Ever”
“Great Stove”
Paul & Sally, Stockton 4, First time homeowners
Lucy & Dale, Stockton 5, Period Property Stove Renovation
“Fantastic cosy fire without the mess”
“Christmas Eve”
“Wonderful feature for any home”
“Best wood burner we have ever had. And we have had a few!”
“Warm and modern comfort”
“Stovax Studio one”
Emma & Matt, Riva Vision Midi, 1930 Semi-Detached House
“Winter Warmer”
Here’s one of our installations – a @StovaxGazco View 8 on a low 1200 bench. #CSinstallations #CoriniumStoves
“Christmas Cheer”
“Heart of our home”
“Very Pleased”
“Beautiful Fire”
“Great looking stove”
“Warm and welcoming”
“Happy Days for Bart”
“Cosy, Warm and Comforting”
“Simply the best”
“Best money ever spent!”