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Stovax Combination Convector Fireplace, Highlight Polished with Polished Urn Design cast panels

Stovax Combination Convector with Water Plantain surround tiles, Highlight Polished

Stovax Combination Convector with Polished, Urn Design cast panels, Matt Black

Combination Convector, Matt Black Detail

Combination Convector, Matt Black Detail

Combination Convector Fireplaces

Highly popular more than 100 years ago due to its compact size and the combining of a fireplace and mantel in one unit, the Stovax Combination Convector has been cleverly altered to provide you with the convenience and heating efficiency of a convector gas fire. You can even adjust the flames and heat from the comfort of your armchair when you opt for the Command remote control!

Choose from traditional matt black or highlight polished finishes.

Visit our Classic Fireplaces page for more information.

Key Facts

Gas option available

Convector Fireplaces

By making discreet alterations to three designs of Tiled Insert, Stovax has created traditional looking fireplaces that allow you to enjoy the added efficiency and economy of convected heat whether using solid fuels or a gas fire. It is not surprising, therefore, that these are amongst our most popular models .

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Reviews and Customer Showcase
“Elegantly Cosy”
Enjoying a #hearthwarmingmoment… I think my cat loves this fire even more than we do! @StovaxGazco #STXMAS15?  Xxx
“Toasted Tootsies”
How’s this for festive? Our Christmas tree & our @StovaxGazco Huntingdon 40 #STXMAS15
“Gas fire replacement”
“Warm and wonderful stove”
“Hot, fast and efficient!”
“Easy to control, easy to clean & a beautiful focal point!”
“Cosy and gorgeous”
“The fireplace we’d dreamed of”
“The Power of Flames”
“Absolutely beautiful to look at and heats my large lounge perfectly. Love it!”
“Out with the rustic dust trap”
“Love our fireplace, winter and summer”
“Great looking fire”
“Beautiful, warm and stylish”
“Attractive efficient stove”
@StovaxGazco Just lit the Stockton 7.
“Way to go Yeoman!”
“Central focus in our home”
“Best money ever spent!”
“Cosy kitten”
“Fast and comfortable heat”
“Getting warm by the fire with friends”
“Hot as you like”
“Lovely comforting stove”
“Our cat loves our stove as much as we do!”
“Warm Christmas”
“Corey Winter Warmer”