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Stovax Rhododendron fireplace tiles

Stovax Art Nouveau Tiled Convector, matt black with brass hood

Tube-lined & Raised Line Tiles

To complement Stovax's range of tiled cast iron fireplaces there is also a choice of authentically-crafted tube-lined tiles with highly translucent glazes that faithfully reflect the charm and style of the Victorian fireplace.

Full range of Tube-lined & Raised Line Tiles...

Reviews and Customer Showcase
“Can’t wait for winter :)”
“We look forward to coming home and lighting our Stovax woodburner”
“We have always had a desire for owning a period property with the key feature for us being a wood burning stove”
“Warm and cosy”
“Best wood burner we have ever had. And we have had a few!”
“Wonderful fire”
@StovaxGazco #STXMAS15 Merry Christmas from all of us – and Pugsy Malone
“Lovely comforting stove”
“The centrepiece of our new home”
“So homely and easy”
Wish we had snow #christmas #breakfast #fire #yeoman #stovax
“My Perfect Burner”
Another installation at a @BooHomes development – a @StovaxGazco Studio 500 on a 100 high bench #CSinstallations
“Hot! Hotter! Hottest!”
“Our Warm & Cosy Fireplace”
“Beautiful Fire”
“Cosy and gorgeous”
“Warm & Cosy”
“I was so pleased with the stove that I recommended it to my friends, and they bought one too!”
“Christmas wouldn’t be the same without it!”
“Lovely log effect – very efficient”
“Cosy and Warm”
“Toasted Tootsies”
“The fireplace we’d dreamed of”
Cute little wood burner installed today in the orangery 🔥#woodburner #stovax #oakorangery #primeoak #renovation #restoration
“Cosy Candescence”
“Warm and modern comfort”
Got really cold working on the boat! Glad to be home and curled up in front of a #roaringfire #woodburner #logburner #stovax #regency
“What a difference!”
“Hot as you like”