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Stovax English Rose fireplace tiles

Stovax Art Nouveau Tiled Insert, matt black with English Rose fireplace tiles

Tube-lined & Raised Line Tiles

To complement Stovax's range of tiled cast iron fireplaces there is also a choice of authentically-crafted tube-lined tiles with highly translucent glazes that faithfully reflect the charm and style of the Victorian fireplace.

Full range of Tube-lined & Raised Line Tiles...

Reviews and Customer Showcase
“Our Home is Cosy Again”
Enjoying a #hearthwarmingmoment… I think my cat loves this fire even more than we do! @StovaxGazco #STXMAS15?  Xxx
Les & Gill, Stockton 8 Double-sided, New Build
“Cosy and Warm”
“Stunning home improvement”
“Cosy cold nights”
Huntingdon 35 fitted yesterday into very old property 👌
“Waiting for Santa”
“Warm and welcoming”
“Great Stove”
“Brings warmth and cheer whenever lit”
Sue & Rob, Studio Electric 80, Dorma Bungalow renovation
“A great stove, great heat, great looks”
“Best money ever spent!”
Stovax Vogue woodburning stove completed going to be a great stove this season @StovaxGazco
Yesterday’s install of a Stovax View 5 T Midline into existing opening. @StovaxGazco
“Fantastic fire”
“Waited a long time for this!”
“Really pleased!”
“Cozy Christmas has finally arrived!”
How’s this for festive? Our Christmas tree & our @StovaxGazco Huntingdon 40 #STXMAS15
Brand new @StovaxGazco Vogue Midi #logburner installed to all UK Building Regs and best practice. #twostovesoneday
“Loving it!”
“We have always had a desire for owning a period property with the key feature for us being a wood burning stove”
Well it is our #weddinganniversary #8years #proseccoonamonday #fire #woodburner #flowers I deserve it after a Monday working hard.  ❤️❤️ x #homeiswheretheheartis
“Beautiful Fire”
“Warm and modern comfort”
“So good, wish we’d installed it years ago!”
“Hot Glow”