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Stovax Symmetrical Classical Pattern, decorated single tile - 4272

Stovax Symmetrical Classical Pattern, decorated quarter tile - 4273

Symmetrical Classical Pattern Single & Quarter TIles

Single Tiles

Faithfully reproduced from Victorian originals, Stovax fireplace single tiles are ideal for use in both antique and reproduction cast iron tiled fireplaces. Set against a rich cream glaze, the decoration uses up to 18 separate colours in each design to make the tiles indistinguishable from hand-coloured originals. Unless stated otherwise, Stovax tiles measure 152 x 152 x 9mm (Subject to normal manufacturing tolerances), the edges are virtually square, so that the tiles can be laid hard up against each other without the need for grout.

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Reviews and Customer Showcase
“A Dream Come True”
“Heart of the home”
@StovaxGazco #STXMAS15 Merry Christmas from all of us – and Pugsy Malone
“Cosy and Warm”
“Gas, glorious gas!”
“New Stove”
“Fantastic Room Feature”
“What a great purchase!”
“It’s brought the room to life”
“Out with the rustic dust trap”
“Modern and stylish”
“Beautiful fire!”
“Dogs love the warmth”
How’s this for festive? Our Christmas tree & our @StovaxGazco Huntingdon 40 #STXMAS15
“Realistic fire”
“Warm and cosy”
Party 🍾💫 #homeatfunksjonelt #newyear #nyttår #party #2016 #godtnyttår
“Looks cool, feels warm”
“Warm Christmas”
“Our Warm & Cosy Fireplace”
“Great Stove”
“Looks great”
Justin Hooper, Stovax Studio 3 and Vogue, Scotland
“Warm, clean and a great modern look”
“Gas fire replacement”
Our Bengal Rudyard loves our @StovaxGazco!
“Excellent buys”
“Warm & Cosy”
“Long Overdue”