Clasically styled with a modern edge

The Dimension can easily blend into traditional or contemporary interiors. Key to its appeal is the broad, matt black profile which frames the fire, drawing your eye to the dancing flames and glowing coals pebbles or white stones.

Fuel effects: White stones, Coals or Glass Bead fuel effects (dependant on the type of model).

Control options (according to model): Manual, Standard upgradable and Programmable remote controls.

Dimension - Key Facts
      Chimney Options
Fire Choices Heating Efficiency Heat Output 1 2 3 BF PF
Logic Hotbox 60% 4kW Yes Yes Yes No No
Logic Convector 68.5% 4.6kW Yes Yes Yes No No
Logic HE 89% 4.5kW Yes Yes  Yes  No  No 
Logic HE Balanced Flue 86% 3.4kW No No No Yes No

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