E-Studio™ & E-Box™ Inset Gas Fires

E-Studio™ & E-Box™ Inset Gas Fires

Quite simply, these inset gas fires from Gazco offer you the benefits of our very highest levels of heating efficiency thus saving you money on your gas bills. This high efficiency technology comes with manual operation as standard, but can be upgraded with remote control options if you desire. With a host of frame choices and styles you can ensure warmth and elegance are brought into the very heart of your home, whether traditional or contemporary.


This top-of-the-range 16” wide inset gas fire provides exceptional heating efficiency with a fresh contemporary look. Set behind a virtually invisible glass window, the E-Studio™ features a stunning ribbon flame effect (1) and is available in both conventional and balanced flue models. E-Studio™ inset gas fires come with manual operation, but you can upgrade to one of Gazco’s command remote controls for complete ease of use.

The high efficiency E-Studio™ radiates heat from its virtually invisible glass window (2) whilst the latest in firebox technology convects heated air directly into the room (3) for ultimate efficiency.

E-Studio Gas Fire
Logic Convector Gas Fire


This premium 16” wide inset gas fire provides exceptional heating efficiency and fuel economy. Set behind a virtually invisible glass window, Gazco’s technologically advanced E-Box™ offers ease of installation, a wide choice of styling options and a coal or pebble (1) version to suit all homes, even those without a chimney. The E-Box™ comes with manual operation as standard or you can opt for a Gazco command remote for ultimate comfort.

The E-Box™ produces an excellent heat output, offering up to 86% efficiency. Heat radiates from the glass window (2) and the fire has been expertly designed to convect heated air (3) into the room with maximum fuel efficiency.

Command remote control options

Gazco was the first UK company to introduce remote controls for gas fires. Today, our Command remote control systems allow both the E-Box™ & E-studio™ inset fires to be upgraded, either at the time of purchase or at a later date, with either:

Standard upgradable

Once the pilot light has been ignited manually you can vary the flame height and heat output from the comfort of your armchair.


This deluxe version has two additional features. the first allows you to thermostatically control the room temperature whilst the second allows you to programme your fire to switch itself on and off twice a day. Use both and you can even come home to a glowing fire that has heated the room to the temperature you select!

Key Features

EfficiencyUp to 86%Up to 82%
Heat outputUp to 3.8kW (input 5.1kW)Up to 3.5kW (input 4.3kW)
Manual versions
Slide control
Remote control
Fits into standard 410x560x250mm
(wxhxd) fireplace opening
Fuel bed optionsCoal & PebbleWhite Stone & Coloured Glass Beads
Convected heat
Radiant heat
Wide selection of frames
Natural Gas or LPG
Can be wall mounted
Variable flame colour
Ambient open fire
Glass fronted high efficiency
ODS (Oxygen Depletion Sensor)
Additional air vent required
Conventional Flue
Balanced Flue

E-Studio™ & E-Box™ Front Choices

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E-Studio™ & E-Box™ Frame Choices

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E-Studio™ & E-Box™ Complete Choices

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