Cast Fire Backs

Fire Backs are a traditional but efficient fireplace component.

Two designs, Reeded and Adam, are cast iron panels placed at the back of your fireplace and reflect heat back into the room.

Cast iron constructions increases the efficiency as it stores the heat and radiates it slowly back into the room, even when the fire has died down.

Both designs are available in a range of sizes to best fit your fireplace as either single or 3 panel sets.

Cast Fire Backs - Key Facts
  Width Height Side Panel Width
Adam Panels      
Set of 3 Panels 760mm 915mm 405mm
Single Panels 760mm 915mm  
  405mm 915mm  
Reeded Panels      
Set of 3 Panels 760mm 915mm 405mm
  760mm 915mm 455mm
  815mm 965mm 405mm
  815mm 965mm 455mm
Single Panels 760mm 915mm  
  815mm 965mm  
  405mm 915mm  
  455mm 915mm  
  405mm 965mm  
  455mm 965mm  

Traditional features

Cast iron with design detailing