Studio Steel 2 Gas Fire

Stylish, high-efficiency gas fires

The Studio Steel 2 gas fire is for those with larger spaces who wish to create an even greater presence with their choice of fireplace. The Studio Steel 2's wide frame instantly creates a distinctive and individual focal point that can be further heightened by your choice of frame colour. Furthermore, why not create a whole new look by taking advantage of the vermiculite or black reeded linings for log-effect Studios or upgrading a white stone fuel effect to one of three coloured glass beads. Operation is simplicity itself, as Gazco's remote control takes care of everything from ignition to flame height adjustment.

Finishes: Graphite, Iridium, Metallic Red, Metallic Blue, Metallic Bronze and Ivory.

Linings: Black Steel (Open Fronted Standard), Polished Granite (Open Fronted Upgrade), Black Enamel (Glass Fronted - White Stones or Glass Beads), Black Reeded (Glass Fronted - Logs) and Vermiculite (Glass Fronted - Logs).

Command Controls: Standard remote (Open fronted) and Programmable Thermostatic remote (Glass fronted).

Studio Steel 2 Gas Fire - Key Facts
      Chimney options
Fire choices Heating efficiency Heat output (kW) 1 2 BF
Studio 1 - Open 25% 1.72kW Yes Yes No
Studio 1 - Glass Fronted 70% 4.85kW Yes Yes No
Studio 1 - Glass Fronted Balanced Flue 81% 5.20kW No No Yes
Studio 2 - Open 25% 2.30kW Yes Yes No
Studio 2 - Glass Fronted 78% 6.85kW Yes Yes No
Studio 2 - Glass Fronted Balanced Flue 81% 6.97kW No No Yes
Studio 3 - Open 25% 3.40kW Yes Yes No
Studio 3 - Glass Fronted Balanced Flue 81% 7.30kW No No Yes