Riva2 800 Edge Gas Fire

Frameless gas fire

Developed for those who want the visual impact and heat of a flaming log fire without the inconvenience of carrying logs and removing ash, the Riva2 800 Edge offers high efficiency in a frameless gas fire.

The frameless look allows you to create a more minimalist décor, choosing tiles or wall colours and finishes to maximise the overall impression of dimension and space. Gazco offers a range of fireplace surround packages to go with the Riva2 Edge gas fire.

The Riva2 800 Edge gas fire is available as a balanced flue fire only; however, they can be installed into a conventional chimney by using the optional Riva2 renovation kit.

Fuel bed: Logs.

Linings: Vermiculite and Black Reeded.

Command Controls: Sequential remote.

Riva2 800 Edge Gas Fire - Key Facts
      Chimney options
Fire choices Heating efficiency Heat output (kW) 1 2 BF
Riva2 800 -  Balanced Flue 82% 7.38kW No No Yes