Riva 53 & 67 Profil 2 Gas Fires

Versatile and effective

Whether part of a standard fireplace or as a ‘hole in the wall’ installation, the two stylish Riva Profil 2 models both feature the glow and flames of a highly realistic gas log fire. This provides not only a remarkable focal point for your room but an effective heating appliance as well. To maximise your décor options, the Profil 2 frame is available in two outstanding finishes: Graphite or Iridium.

All gas Riva 53 and 67 models come with manual operation and the option to upgrade to a Standard remote control (allowing you to adjust both the flame height and heat output) or the Programmable remote control (with additional thermostatic and timer functions).
Riva 53 & 67 Profil 2 Gas Fires - Key Facts
      Chimney options
Fire choices Heating efficiency Heat output (kW) 1 2 BF
Riva 53 72% 4.90kW Yes Yes No
Riva 53 - Balanced Flue 78% 5.30kW No No Yes
Riva 67 72% 4.90kW  Yes  Yes  No
Riva 67 -  Balanced Flue 78%  5.30kW No  No   Yes