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Top 10 reasons to purchase a wood burner

7 Nov

Riva Studio Duplex Profil wood burning fire

Nothing creates the perfect ambiance on a cold winter’s day than the warmth from a wood burner. (more…)

An annual guide to using a wood burning stove or multi-fuel stove

21 Feb


Stocking up on fuel

Good quality fuel is a must and will help you to gain the highest levels of efficiency from your wood burning stove or multi-fuel stove. Consult a respected source such as HETAS or the Solid Fuel Association to find out where your nearest approved supplier is and invest in properly seasoned logs with a moisture content below 20% or high quality solid fuel. (more…)

Top tips for keeping your home warm this winter

13 Feb

Stovax Stockton Woodburning Stove

With several weeks of cold weather yet to come it is important to think about how to make the most of your home’s heating. This will not only ensure that you and your family are comfortable and healthy but reduce your utility bills at this typically expensive time of year. So whether you make use of gas or oil fired central heating, a highly efficient gas fire or the renewable energy of a woodburning stove – or indeed a combination of these, try our top tips for staying warm and start to feel the difference straight away! (more…)

Keep your logs dry and burn-ready

26 Jan

Stovax wood burning stove

It’s reassuring to know that we are now half way through winter and for many it’s a cold but bright sunny day. If your stock of logs is running low after a few months of using your wood burning stove or fire, you will be keen to replenish your store. (more…)

With the cold weather coming, have your chimney swept!

23 Sep

Now is a great time to have your chimney swept

As your wood burning stove may have not been used for a few months, it is important to make sure that your chimney is swept before you start to use it again to ensure it is free from bird nests or other obstructions. (more…)

Ordering logs for your wood burning stove

30 Jun

Seasoning reduces the moisture content of the wood

Did you know that in medieval times tenants had a ‘right of estover’ (derived from the Norman French estover, estovoir meaning “that which is necessary”) which allowed them to collect firewood from the land they held, or from common land? (more…)