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Smoke Control Approved

26 Oct


Under the Clean Air Act 1993, local authorities are able to declare part of a city or town a smoke control area. This means that within that area it is an offence to emit smoke from the chimney of a building from any fire, stove or boiler. (more…)

A Very Convenient Heating Solution From Gazco

25 Oct


Some rooms are harder to heat than others. Some rooms have conveniently placed fireplaces for a wood burning fire or gas fire or perfectly designed inglenooks for a large wood burning stove. But, where there are no chimneys or convenient fireplaces, Gazco have a solution. (more…)

Why Use a Wood Burner?

24 Oct


Stovax have a large range of wood burning stoves and wood burning fires, catering to all decorative styles and tastes. But, why is burning wood so popular right now? (more…)

Stovax Appear in Good Homes Magazine!

21 Oct


The November issue of Good Homes has a feature on heating choices for your home. From stoves, to surrounds to radiators, they have provided a run down of some of the best heating appliances on the market for this season. (more…)

Are You Carbon Monoxide Aware?

20 Oct

Fuels, including wood burning and gas, are safe to burn if your stove or fire is installed, maintained and used correctly.If you don’t regularly maintain your wood burner, for example, you are at risk from a Carbon Monoxide leak that is the result of incomplete burning of a fuel. (more…)

Chimneys and Lining

19 Oct


The reason we have chimneys is to safely remove the bi-products of burning from a wood burner, wood burning fire, log fire, gas fire and gas stove. (more…)