Fireplace Accessories

3 Mar

A carefully chosen fireplace accessory is the finishing touch to your wood burning or multi-fuel stove or fire installation; providing not only practicality, but an aesthetic flourish. A broad range of maintenance products, fire tools and sets are now available on the market that exude form and function.

The Riva Plus range comprises four sizes of woodburning and multi-fuel stove.

The Riva Plus range comprises four sizes of woodburning and multi-fuel stove.

Made from hard wearing materials, Stovax has refined its range of fireplace accessories to include contemporary and traditional products and to ensure the safe and effective operation of your stove or fire. With cast iron and steel ash removal tools including shovels, brushes, ashpans and caddies – keeping your solid fuel stove in top condition is easily achieved.

Long leather gloves to protect your hands and arms whilst refuelling your stove or fire provide a smart addition to your hearth whilst also being of practical value and there is a broad range of log holders to choose from in traditional woven materials and contemporary steel designs. To ensure a larger hoard of firewood is to hand, the wheeled log store looks the part and enables you to move heavy loads quickly and easily.

For those with small children, a fire screen will undoubtedly be a must have fireplace accessory. Available in glass, black steel, wrought iron and brass plate finishes, Stovax have a selection of screen styles to choose from to ensure you can enjoy your stove or fire safe in the knowledge that any small people in your household will be kept at bay!

For further advice about fireplace accessories and for guidance on finding a reputable installer, visit your local Stovax retailer for expert advice. You can find your nearest showroom by using our quick and easy postcode search on the Stovax website.

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