Double sided wood burning fires!

8 Oct

Today most homeowners buy a wood burning fire not only to create a wonderful atmosphere and ambience but to make the most of their economic and environmental advantages. After all, burning wood is a great way to help reduce your monthly outgoings. What about a wood burning appliance that has all these beneficial attributes and can also be used as a connecting feature between two separate rooms? Stovax has created its first double-sided wood burning cassette fire, the Riva Studio Duplex to meet this demand.

Riva Studio Duplex Edge Plus

Riva Studio Duplex Edge Plus

Homeowners with large open spaces can choose this versatile wood burning fire to create a stunning centrepiece or a distinction between two living areas. There is a wide selection of stylish frames available to choose from and each side of the Duplex may be styled with matching or different frames if desired, giving greater choice and versatility. Many exciting styles are available from the clean contemporary Edge to the opulent stone Pienza, or the sparking Glass to the bold curved Verve.

Whatever you choose, there is a frame to complement any interior! This recent addition to Stovax’s premium range also benefits from the latest technological heating advancements. The integrated Cleanburn system ensures an outstanding efficiency which results in more heat delivery into the room and less going up the chimney.

This captivating wood burning fire offers an undeniably contemporary aesthetic and ultimate appeal in dual space heating. A definite investment for any homeowner!

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