Do you know a wood burning stove from a multi-fuel stove?

29 Aug

Many stoves on the market today are designed as dedicated wood burning or multi-fuel appliances. Although there are similarities and logs may be burnt on multi-fuel stoves, there are some important differences to the structure of each type of stove to ensure their efficiency and performance when burning their specified fuel type.


Wood burning is literally that – burning wood logs and nothing else. Wood burning stoves are specifically designed to create the optimum burning conditions for logs. Their fixed grate allows for the creation of a bed of ashes onto which new logs can be placed to burn. The ashes help the logs to combust evenly. Additionally, air is supplied over the logs to stimulate combustion and ensure a powerful heat output.

Stovax wood burning stoves are designed for maximum efficiency; most models are equipped with Cleanburn technology, a sophisticated system to introduce pre-heated air into the firebox to combust any unburnt hydrocarbons. This creates even more heat for your room as well as the effective use of your fuel – this, in turn ensures your stove’s firebox is kept clean. Many stoves also offer an Airwash function which in conjunction with Cleanburn helps to keep the glass in your stove door clear so you get a fantastic view of the swirling flames and glowing embers within the firebox.

A multi-fuel stove from Stovax with elegant styling.

The Brunel 3CB is a multi-fuel stove equally at home in cosy inglenooks as it is in more classically styled fireplaces.

Multi-fuel stoves can burn a combination of materials including wood logs, peat/turf briquettes and smokeless fuels and this enables you to select fuels that are the most cost effective and readily available in the vicinity of your home. As smokeless fuels burn better when raised, as air may be drawn in from underneath to facilitate combustion, Stovax multi-fuel stoves are designed with a riddling grate which allows ash to disperse (be riddled) into a built-in ashpan. This ashpan can be quickly and easily emptied to ensure the flow of air under the fuel. They may also include a primary air inlet to further facilitate the movement of air beneath the grate. Some multi-fuel stoves also benefit from the advantages of Cleanburn and Airwash, additionally some stoves in the Stovax range couple these functions with “AMS” (Ash Management Solution) which allows you to clean the ashes from your stove via an external ashpan.

The Riva F40 may be used as a dedicated wood burner or a multi-fuel stove.

The Riva F40 may be used as a dedicated wood burner or a multi-fuel stove.

Although many stoves are designed as dedicated wood burners or multi-fuel stoves, some also come with a special conversion kit to enable you to take advantage of both fuel types. For further information please visit one of our Expert Retailers who will be happy to provide guidance and recommend a stove for your property. You will also be able to find comprehensive information on fuel types as well as technical details relating to the advanced functions of our stoves and fires in our brochures which are available quickly and easily here via our dedicated webpage on our website.

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