It’s raining so get cosy indoors with a Stovax wood burner!

12 Oct

Indeed, it’s been raining all week! Definitely a good time to keep dry and cosy indoors and what more do you need at home than a Stovax wood burning fire.

Stockton 6 Highline

Stockton 6 Highline

The Stovax Stockton range is ideal, whatever the situation. If your space is modern or classic, these traditionally styled wood burners can fit various fireplace openings or cosy inglenooks, and with plenty of colour choices and size options, there certainly is a perfect Stockton stove for your home. Made from the finest steel, every Stockton wood burner comes with an effective airwash system to keep the windows clean. This high efficiency fire can also provide your home with hot water and central heating.

You can simply banish those wet, torrential rain images and look forward to a cuppa’ or a glass of red, in front of your warm Stovax Stockton stove. Quite simply, choose a Stovax wood burner and stay warm all winter!

With over 31 years of manufacturing experience in fireplaces and stoves, Stovax offers a range of perfect indoor heating companions!

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