Wood burning keeps the cold at bay

3 Feb

Winter temperatures are upon us with sub-zero readings on many thermometers this weekend and more snow predicted to fall. Keep warm by stoking up your woodburning stove or fire and beat the big freeze.

Stovax View 8 Stove

Keep the home fires going with a woodburning stove

Stovax woodburning stoves or fires come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit many tastes and other room requirements. Boiler stoves offer the additional benefit of heating the water your family needs, providing fantastic value for money. And furthermore, woodburning is a carbon neutral activity, meaning you are doing your bit for the environment and helping to promote effective woodland management.

If woodburning is not for you, try a gas fire or stove for equally enviable efficiency ratings. Gas stoves and fires provide heat quickly and easily and now come with realistic log effects or, in some cases white stones for a more modern look.

A gas stove from Gazco, the Riva Vision Large

Gas is quick and easy to use. Benefit from realistic burning effects and a high efficiency rate with the Riva Vision Large from Gazco

If you have missed out on the benefits of a woodburning, or a gas fire or stove so far, pop along to one of our retailers for further information on our extensive range and installation options.

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