Wood burning gives a warm welcome this Christmas

16 Dec

Brrrr! Winter has arrived with nippy weather, blustering gales and plenty of the wet stuff. So, make sure you are ready to welcome your guests this festive season with a warm and inviting Stovax wood burning fire.

To ensure you are ready for a feast of flickering yellow flames this 25th December, take these simple steps…

1. Keep a ready supply of good firewood – dry and seasoned firewood has a moisture content of 20% or less, it will probably be dark and cracked at the end and should have no green growth. Good firewood will enable your wood burning stove to give out more heat and less tar, meaning greater heat efficiency and less smoke. Double check your logs with a wood moisture metre before you burn them. You can buy yours from the Stovax website.

2. Sparkling stove glass. Stovax produces a range of accessories to help you to keep your wood burning stove nice and clean. Ensure you get a great flame picture from your fire and give your stove glass a quick clean.

3. Prepare your wood burning stove for optimum burning – open the air wash and primary air control and then create a stable base for flames to establish. Try layering dry paper or fire starters with kindling wood. This type of base will catch quickly; leave the door of your wood burning stove slightly open as the flames become more established, then add larger pieces of wood to your stove. Close the door and enjoy the warmth from your wood burning stove.

Have a wonderful festive season!

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