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Wood burning accessories

21 Dec

Your wood burning stove or fire will undoubtedly be a focal point in your home, particularly at this time of the year as the cold weather starts to bite. Caring for your appliance will ensure it runs to maximum efficiency but as an investment piece you will also be keen to keep your stove or fire in tip top condition as well as in harmony with the style of your home. (more…)

Spare parts for wood burning stoves and fires

20 Dec

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‘Tis the season to stoke up your wood burning stove or fire and after a while, with continued use you may need to replace or renew a part. To help you do this, Stovax has now launched its online spares shop for our wood burning and multi fuel appliances. (more…)

Have a safe and cosy Christmas

19 Dec

London Front with Amhurst Basket & Hepburn Picture

With the recent drop in temperatures, those with a wood burning fire or stove will be eager to supplement their central heating with the warmth and atmosphere of real flames.

But if you are intending to use your wood burning fire or stove frequently throughout the winter months, ensure that you maintain your chimney by having it swept regularly. (more…)

Wood burning gives a warm welcome this Christmas

16 Dec

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Brrrr! Winter has arrived with nippy weather, blustering gales and plenty of the wet stuff. So, make sure you are ready to welcome your guests this festive season with a warm and inviting Stovax wood burning fire.

To ensure you are ready for a feast of flickering yellow flames this 25th December, take these simple steps… (more…)

Go back to the future with wood burning!

14 Dec


Wood burning has been in the news again recently as the fuel of tomorrow with government advisors calling for a greater use of this renewable energy source. (more…)