Smoke Control Approved

26 Oct

Under the Clean Air Act 1993, local authorities are able to declare part of a city or town a smoke control area. This means that within that area it is an offence to emit smoke from the chimney of a building from any fire, stove or boiler.

However, Stovax have a large range of stoves and fires that are exempt from this as they are highly efficient, clean burning and produce very little smoke at all. Over ten of our wood burning stoves and multi fuel stoves are able to be used in a smoke control area as well as many of our wood burning boilers, multi-fuel boilers, wood burning fires and multi-fuel fires.

Care should always be taken that these exempt appliances, flues and chimneys are installed correctly and properly maintained. Only fuel which the wood burning or multi fuel appliance has been designed for should be used.

For more information on this subject visit the smoke control area of the Defra website or get in touch with your local Stovax retailer.

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