Choosing a Fuel Type

13 Oct

When choosing a traditional stove, contemporary stove or fire from Stovax or Gazco, one of the first decisions you will be required to make is deciding on the type of fuel you want your appliance to run on.

We have a large range of appliances that run on 4 different fuel types:

Wood burning stove
Wood burning fire
Multi-fuel stove
Multi-fuel fire
Gas stove
Gas fire
Electric fire
Electric Stove

There are different benefits to each type of fuel and it’s really a case of deciding what best suits your home and lifestyle.

Wood burning

      Wood burns best in a

    wood burner

      that has a flat bed of ash

        If you own a

      wood stove

        you will need to buy or collect firewood,store and dry it in a covered wood store with open sides, to promote airflow and speed up the drying process.
          Fire wood for you

        wood stove


          wood fire

            can be purchased from a range of different companies and will often be pre-dried and delivered straight to your door.
              Burning wood in your

            wood burner

              is also a carbon neutral process as almost all of the carbon dioxide emitted from the wood when burning was absorbed by the tree in it’s life time.

            Smokeless Fuels

              There are a number of different smokeless fuels available to buy online and in local garages and hardware stores.
              They burn best on the multi-fuel grate supplied with your stove or fire.
              Smokeless fuels have far lower emissions than ordinary coal and can be easily stored in a cool dry place.


              A gas stove or a gas fire will give you instant heat at the flick of a switch with highly realistic log and fuel effects.
              Gas comes directly from the house gas supply.
              Gas stoves and Gas fires can be fully programmable, meaning you can create an automatic heating program that perfectly complements your lifestyle.


                Again, an

              electric stove


                electric fire

                  will give you instant heat and a choice of two heat settings.

                Electric Studio Glass

                  Highly realistic flame effects that can be enjoyed without any heat at all.
                    Every house has an electric supply, so any house can have an

                  electric stove


                    electric fire


                    This choice has to be made according to lifestyle, personal preference and the type of house you live in.

                    If you would like more information about fuel types or you have any other questions, please get in touch with your local retailer who will be happy to assist you.

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