Ultra Contemporary Gas Fires – Get Ahead of the Curve with the Verve!

15 Sep

The Verve is already a firm favourite from within the Stovax Riva Studio range of wood burning fires, so now Gazco have decided to adopt the same curved, 3D frame style to enhance its own contemporary ranges of gas and electric fires.

This ultra contemporary surround has been introduced by Gazco for the Studio 1, 2 and 3 gas fires, alongside the Riva 53 and 67 gas fires to further expand their stylish, contemporary offering. All versions of the Verve have a high quality powder coat finish in Midnight Metallic Black, meaning not only does your gas fire give you high efficiency and overall performance – it has the sophisticated finish to match.

Gazco Gas Studio 3 Verve

If you are looking to make a dramatic, panoramic designer statement, the Gazco gas Studio 3 Verve fire has the measurements to achieve this (above). Or, to give your interior space more vertical definition, the portrait Riva 53 Verve gas fire is a superbly distinctive, yet compact modern gas fire that still gives you the same high heating efficiency.

The Verve is a fantastic addition to the Gazco high efficiency gas fire range and is set to become a very popular and ultra contemporary choice for the season ahead.

To find out more information about the new Gazco Verve gas fires and all of our existing ranges, please contact your local retailer, which can be found by visiting ‘Find a Retailer’ from the home page.

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