Beat the Big Freeze and Save Money on Your Fuel Bills with a Stovax Wood burning Stove!

25 Nov

We have seen the start of a wintry cold snap that forecasters say could last well into December, so it is time to cosy up with a Stovax wood burning stove and prepare to beat the big freeze!

Although many will be tempted to turn up the central heating, energy prices have just risen again, adding £50 or more to the average annual fuel bill. A wood burning stove can help you save money in style, as logs can be the cheapest form of fuel, can even be available for free in some areas and homes with a wood burning stove can save up to £400 a year on their energy bills.

Riva F66 Freestanding Stove

Riva F66 Freestanding Stove

With an individual space heater, like a wood burning stove, homeowners don’t have to use the central heating to heat the entire house! They are a great way to keep the main room they use toasty and radiators can be kept low or turned off in rooms that aren’t used so much, such as the guest room or study.

Although many homeowners have been opening up old fireplaces, an open fire can often be a false economy as a Stovax wood burning stove can deliver 55% more heat for up to 80% fewer logs than an open fireplace.

Modern stoves are 80% or more efficient, whereas an open fire may be as low as 15%. So for every £1 spent on fuel, a stove gives you 80p of heat into the room it is situated in, whereas an open fire only gives you 15p worth of heat, with the rest going up the chimney. So upgrading from an old or open fire to a high efficiency wood burning stove can mean gaining up to 80% less fuel, making them much cheaper to run.

An open fire will also draw heat out of the room it is in and up the chimney when it is not lit, so a stove saves you money, even when it is not on!

With more snow on the way this week, it’s a great time to cosy up with a wood burning stove and prepare to beat the big freeze!

Riva Plus Medium Stove

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