A High Efficiency Gas Fire or Wood Burning Stove Can Help Your Bank Balance this Winter!

3 Aug

During last winter, one of the coldest on record, the average energy bill for a typical household increased to £1,243, more than doubling from £580 since 2005. This left many homeowners either feeling guilty or worried for turning up the central heating, putting on several layers and sitting under a blanket or facing huge bills for keeping warm.

U Switch, amongst many others, estimates that the average central heating bill could “nudge £5,000 a year by 2020 if current price trends continue”, wholesale gas prices have increased 80% in the last two months and the UK is now a net importer of natural gas.

Gazco and Stovax wood burning, gas and electric stoves and cassette fires can help homeowners with old or inefficient appliances to reduce their fuel consumption by up to 80% and save money on their fuel bills.

Here are two examples of how you can save money with a high efficiency glass fronted gas fire or wood burning stove;

If you upgrade your open wood burning fire to a high efficiency glass fronted wood burning stove, you could reduce fuel usage and carbon emissions by up to 80%.

To get 7kW of heat out of an open fire, which may be as low as 15% efficient, you would have to burn 10.58kg of wood. To get 7kW out of a Stovax Stockton 7kW wood burning Inset Convector stove, burning at 78% efficiency, you would only have to burn only 2.03kg of wood. This is a saving of over 80% in terms of weight of wood used and therefore 80% cheaper.

If you upgrade your old open fronted gas fire to a high efficiency gas fire, you could reduce fuel usage by up to 75% AND gain more heat!

For example, if an open fronted gas fire is over 5 years old, it could be as little as 25% efficient – using as much as 13.20kW to generate just 3.30kW of heat. The very latest gas fires, such as the innovative Studio and E-BoxTM models, from leading UK manufacturer Gazco, have significantly improved efficiencies of up to 86% and use only 4.1kW of gas being used to put 3.5kW of heat into the room the fire is in.

So, irrespective of which fuel type you use, if you upgrade from an open gas or wood burning fire to a high efficiency gas fire or wood burning stove, you can stay warm this winter without wearing 4 jumpers and a blanket, feeling the guilt or breaking the bank!

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